Elf on a shelf

What Is The ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Meme And 15 Brilliant Rhymes To Keep You Guessing

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You’ve heard of ‘Elf on Shelf’- but – ahhh wait – no – what?

It looks like the meme-trend of the month involves some rhyming and an ‘elf’ on some kind of ‘shelf’. What the heck is it all about?

meme - elf on the shelf

The elf is no stranger to memes…

The elf on the shelf has been around for yonks. In fact, jokes about the Elf have been floating around the internet for 12 whole years.

Jokes originally sprung up on the back of a children’s book in 2005. According ‘Know Your Meme‘, the iconic and creepy looking kids figurine inspired users to stage sinister looking Elf snaps. You’ll quickly see why – he’s fucking terrifying. The creepy elf-man quickly began popping up in erotic and disturbing settings all over the place. Think of the poor kids snuggling up to this dude every night.

Here are some of the original relics:

Creepy elf man does not die.

Because the meme-game is an every evolving beast, the ‘elf on the shelf’ seems to make a comes back bigger and better every year. A quick glance at Google Trends predicts another spike this year – and now it’s happening.

Yup – he’s back with a vengeance – but not as we expected…

Rhyming the Elf on the Shelf

In the lead up to Christmas last year, fuckin-rockets shared the below pic of Pokemon character ‘Ash’ in the ‘trash’ to Tumblr. They captioned the pic “You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf.” Throughout the year the post has snowballed around Tumblr and spread well over 50K times.

Then out of nowhere on on September 14 this year, a meme Subreddit popped up calling on ‘variants en masse’ to follow up on ‘Ash in the trash’. It’s kickstarted a phenomenon and now we can’t stop the ‘meme in our team’.

The rest is history and now we can bask in these beautiful meme creations.

Here’s 15 ‘Elf On A Shelf’ Rhyme’s to keep you guessing

We’ll start with an easy one:

It’s Shrek on a deck

For the Mario fans out there:

Waluigi on a Squeegee

* Seinfeld theme plays *

Seinfeld on the mine field

Retro inspired:

Elvis on a pelvis

“Ah, yes. Harry Potter.”

Snape on the grape

For Zelda and Link fans out there

Link in the Sink

Put this back where it came from – or so help me

Mike on a bike

It seems anything is up for grabs

A rule on a pool

This was begging to be made

Drake on a cake

For the techsperts:

Chrome on the gnome


It’s a fidget spinner on ya dinner!

This is pretty tame considering Trump’s rhyming abilities:

Donald Tump in the dump

Inevitable more brands will be latching on to this meme. Brace yourselves.

It’s Doug in a mug

And who could possibly forget the original and the best:

You shouldn’t need any help with that.


Embedded memes sourced from Know Your Mememost originally published here on Reddit.