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8 Times Emily Was The Worst Part Of ‘Emily In Paris’

Netflix’s Emily In Paris is a series made to divide opinion. I personally loved and hated it simultaneously.

The American girl in Paris tale has been panned by critics for its offensive stereotypes, while the majority of viewers can’t get enough of it. But there’s one opinion that is almost universally held, even by the series’ biggest fans. Emily sucks. Emily is awful.

Between being bad at her job, bad at communicating in French, and just being a bad person in general, Emily represents everything horrible in this cruel world. She is arrogant, entitled, and just straight-up amoral at times.

The show’s protagonist is simply not a likeable person. No shade to actress Lily Collins, in fact without her charisma the character would be totally unwatchable. Emily is a frustrating character to root for – she constantly gets people offside and tbh it’s usually all her fault.

The people have spoken. They love Emily In Paris, but they hate Emily.

8 times Emily was the worst part of Emily In Paris:

1. When she was rude to the guy showing her to her apartment.

As soon as Emily arrived in Paris, she was acting ignorant and dismissive. As she was being shown to her room by her rental agent Gilles, she complained about how the French ordered the apartment building’s levels. She couldn’t fathom that any country could do things differently to the US, groaning “that’s weird!”

Emily needs to chill out. She only just got to Paris and rather than embracing local customs, she’s already patronising an entire culture.

emily in paris

2. When she didn’t even learn how to say “I don’t speak French,” in French.

Emily didn’t think to Google this during her nine-hour long-haul flight from Chicago to Paris?! Then she’s surprised when her coworkers are unimpressed that she can’t even say “Hello, how are you?” in their native language.

Get it together, Emily!

3. When she complained about her steak.

This ENRAGED me. When having dinner with Mindy (aka the series’ most hilarious character), Emily tried to send back her steak for being too rare, but the waiter said that the meat was cooked according to what she ordered. “Correct for him, but not correct for me!” Emily lectured the waiter. Mindy tried to get her to simmer down, but she pulled out the old chestnut, “Come on? The customer is always right!” It was some extremely Karen in Paris behaviour.

4. When her viral Instagram posts were just…not…good.

First of all, how does someone start with just 48 Instagram followers? That is embarrassingly low for anyone whose career is in social media. But then once she changes her handle to @EmilyInParis, all of a sudden she ends up with 20k followers within the space of four episodes.

This unrealistic climb in fans could be excused if her posts were engaging — but they are about as basic as you could get. Here she is holding a bouquet of roses and it’s captioned “#EverythingsComingUpRoses!”

Please note the exclamation mark in the hashtag, which for anyone who has err…used the internet, knows is a pointless addition. But not Savoir’s social media whiz.

And then there’s this post with a photo of cheese, which she captioned, “Paris is for lovers,” before changing to “Paris is for cheese lovers.”

Truly groundbreaking stuff.

5. In fact, she doesn’t understand how social media works at all.

Emily constantly does things throughout the series that are just straight-up unethical. She posts photos of children playing without asking for consent from their parents first. Later, she filmed a model without asking her permission. The worst was when she posted a photo of a group of women standing outside the gym to mock their smoking habits.

6. When she posted about an ex-client to her 20k following.

Not only did Emily attend an influencer event hosted by a client that was essentially blacklisted by Savoir, but she then posted about it, giving the company free advertising and access to her 20k followers.

7. When she expected a tour of Camille’s family winery.

I don’t why, but I found this scene more infuriating than anything else Emily did all season.

Emily at the best of times speaks like some marketing bot. When socialising with coworkers, she often talks only in business jargon but in this scene where she was with friends Camille and Gabriel, you’d hope she would act like a normal human?! Nope, instead she waltzed into Camille’s family’s winery and DEMANDS a tour. Read. The. Room.

emily in paris

8. When she was a terrible friend to Camille.

Camille is an angel and a great friend to Emily. Camille came into Emily’s life when she was lonely and largely friendless (besides Mindy) and didn’t just open up her friend group to her, she boosted Emily’s reputation at work by passing on coveted clients.

How does Emily repay Camille for all this? She bangs her boyfriend.

Emily better get her shit together before next season (?) or we must rename the show Camille In Paris.

Emily In Paris is available to stream now on Netflix.