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The 15 Emotional Stages Of Watching Netflix’s Addictive True Crime Series ‘Evil Genius’

If you live for everything related to true crime, murder, heist jobs, and also enjoy shouting ‘GOTCHA!’ at the TV, we have a new show for you: Netflix’s newest original series Evil Genius.

This four-part series seeks to uncover the identity of the pizza bomber and is just so damn addictive. I banged out the whole season in one night and have no regrets. Except that I am now haunted by constant feelings of dread and no longer sleep at night. No biggie.

If you have just watched the season you’re aware that it’s a wild and bumpy ride, and we are here to walk you through it.

Here are the 15 emotional stages of watching Netflix’s Evil Genius:

1. That bombing scene was actual torture to watch.

2. I’ve only just started and I’m not okay.

3. Oh wait… all of a sudden I’m two eps deep and I’M ALL IN.

4. Bill Rothstein is already the worst.

5. Ohhh shit. Bill had a blue van?!?

6. Wait, we’ve seen this dude before?!?

7. The note Bill left was… a bit suss tbh.

8. But Bill is CLEARLY innocent. Because he says so.

9. I’m personally still shook that Marjorie shaves off her damn eyebrows.

10. This guy is actually hopeless. Why are all the cops on this show so incompetent?!?

11. These three motherfuckers are pure evil.

12. But WHO was the mastermind behind it all?!?!?

13. Most importantly, why is Jessica referring to herself as ‘No. 1 white girl’, tho?

14. Wait… if Brian was innocent, why did he grab the lollipop?!?

15. Gahhh!!! The final image of Marjorie has ended me.

R.I.P me.