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Last Night’s Hectic ‘Family Meals’ Episode Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

We are at the pointy end of this year’s Married at First Sight and tonight’s ep brought all the couple’s fams together for D.R.A.M.A.

Following on from last night’s tense commitment ceremony, Gabrielle and Nasser continued their marriage despite Nasser electing to exit. He then proceeded to start beef with Gabby’s twin sister. Luckily, like her sibling, she is a total boss too and gave him a proper undoing.

Sarah and Telv are at war over Snapchat, Dean’s friend spilt the tea on his sleazy ways, and Patrick’s mum scared the shit outta Charlene. All that being said, the most uncomfortable part of the eve was when Carly and Justin endured an intimacy session, which left us all feeling unclean. Twitter made it all the more hilarious.

Here’s how the episode went down via its funniest tweets:

Nasser butted heads with Gabby’s twin sister, before bringing back the ol’ ‘house was possessed’ defence. Classic.

Carly and Justin had a counselling sesh to learn how to do sex better. It was the definition of awkward.

At the fam dinner, we found out Troy doesn’t know his parents at all.

Patrick’s mum was a bit of a downer, interrogating Charlene and encouraging her to leave the experiment.

Sarah and Telv fought about Snapchat and even though it was petty AF, it cut us all deep.

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