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Last Night’s Garbage Fire Of A ‘MAFS’ Episode Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

Last night’s ep of Married at First Sight was a weird one. We were forced to witness Troy on a creepy date with Ashley’s mum and Justin wearing a set of mesh lingerie. Let’s just say it was a lot to digest.

Sarah and Telv finally made up (hooray!) but it looks like Carly and Justin might be done for good (hooray?) as the millionaire has been booted out of Carly’s apartment.

Most of the action took place at the boys night, where we got to see some of the fellas’ true colours and besides Patrick, John and Telv… they weren’t pretty.

Dean attacked Telv and Sarah’s relationship and proposed a wife swap. This was all spoken about openly and most of guys contributed to and encouraged the idea of TRADING HUMAN BEINGS. It was actually vom-inducing.

Viewers are not happy with the boys and Twitter served up pure fire.

Here’s last night’s ep retold through its funniest tweets:

Sarah and Telv counselling sesh worked a treat. LOVE LIVES ON.

Justin went lingerie shopping…for himself. It will haunt us forever.

Troy went on date with Ashley’s mum and proceeded to hit on her repeatedly.

Girls night was cute (aka WOMEN ARE THE BEST). The boys night was a different story. Let’s thank the reality TV heavens for Saint Patrick.

The night got real gross real fast and we discovered the majority of ‘the lads’ are trash. Bring on tomorrow night’s dinner when Charlene goes HAM against Dean…

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