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Tonight’s MAFS ‘Boys Night’ Sorted The Trash From The Treasure & Twitter Is Furious

MAFS fans are well aware that the Married At First Sight ‘boys nights’ have a reputation of exposing the trash in the bunch and tonight’s ep was no different.

With the exception of (Saint) Patrick, John and Telv, the guys were almost as bad as each other but there was one clear ringleader: Dean.

That dude. That dude is the worst.

The evening started off shaky. Telv told the guys that he was having to share a schedule with Sarah in order to mend their relationship. Nasser (aka Nasser only cares about Nasser) and Dean were against it cos OF COURSE THEY WERE.

“Telv needs to be his own man. Sarah wears the pants in that relationship and I don’t think that works for Telv to be told what to do.”

* Eye rolls for eternity *

As if this couldn’t get any grosser, Dean then proceeded in turning the conversation into a discussion over which wives they would like to be with, potentially even swap amongst each other.

He said “I have at times felt a bit of a vibe from Carly,” before jokingly crossing the line further and offering up Tracey as tribute.

“Can someone say they want to bang Tracey? Please!” shouted Dean.

John and Patrick did not look impressed and neither were we.

Pat reacts to sexist comments made by Dean on the Married At First Sight boys night

Dean then asked if Troy would swap wives with Justin. Yep ‘cos women are just objects available to be traded like Pokémon cards. No consent necessary, right fellas!

There was also a conversation over each of their wives’ mums. Troy mostly fantasised over Ash’s mum’s hair colouring while Dean asked “yeah but is she beautiful?” Eww.

It was all just a lot of fucking disgusting filth and you betchya it set the internet alight.

Viewers on Twitter are not having it with this toxic masculinity BS:

Thank fuck for Patrick.


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