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BRUTAL: MAFS’ Epic Dinner Party Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

Hoeeeee boy, tonight’s ep of Married at First Sight was actually THE BEST. It was so damn good, I’ve still got whiplash from the savage burns Charlene hurled across the dinner table.

We knew we were in for a treat when the ep kicked off with Patrick telling Charlene exactly what went down at last night’s boys night. On the flip-side Dean shrugged off the ‘boy banter’ to Tracey, who was left completely in the dark ahead of the dinner.

As the couples merged, Charlene quickly brought up the wife-swapping convo with the fellas. In response Dean and (for some reason) Troy were quick to deny everything. This didn’t go over so well with Charlene. Lol.

Carly finally exploded at Justin, who was acting like a total knobhead. She let him have it and all in all it was a savage night from all the women, showing these menz not to mess with ’em. It was a absolutely killer ep, so of course the Twitter banter was on fleek.

Here’s tonight’s epic dinner party ep retold through its funniest tweets:

Dean tells Tracey that the boys night was nothing spesh aka lied his face off, while Charlene got ready to unleash on the fellas.

Charlene and Patrick arrive at the cocktail party and we are HERE for the dinner takedown.

Charlene told Troy to “pipe down Chachi!” and we were forever grateful.

Dean reckons Charlene is actually sexist and that he’s a feminist. We all obviously loled until the end of time.

Carly finally goes in on Justin but he’s not too bothered to fight for their relationship. Can they be over already…?

The moral of the story? CHARLENE IS MAFS’ LORD & SAVIOUR.

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