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Tonight’s MAFS Disaster Date Ep Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

Let’s be honest, tonight’s ep of Married at First Sight was a dullapalooza.

The episode comprised of the remaining couples going about their final dates with each other with the blokes organising a surprise romantic date for their wives.

Dean and Tracey headed out to sea, as they plunged back into the ol’ ‘you had an affair’ convo and Deano continued to suffer short-term amnesia. In the end, they made up, upon agreeing that women shouldn’t work and their place is at home. This show, you guys. This bloody show.

Much more fun was had between Troy and Ashley, as Troy read Ashley a poem (prob some kind of love spell) and she completely transformed into a different person – a person that doesn’t immediately recoil at the mere sight of Troy. It was actually super impressive. Well played.

While the action was low, Twitter was there to liven it all up.

Tonight’s ep of MAFS retold through its funniest tweets:

The couples watched their wedding videos, in a shameless attempt to fill the ep with some emotionally-fuelled drama.

However, the producers missed a perf chance to screen the boys night to Tracey.

Dean tried to impress Tracey by taking her on an old shitty boat. Thankfully he didn’t rap.

But then Tracey reminded him that he cheated and he freaked out.

John and Melissa finally had a talk about the serious stuff. (It was boring AF)

On Troy and Ashley’s beach date, he read her a crappy poem and now SHE’S IN LOVE.

Tbh, we’re surprised this didn’t actually happen.

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