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Tonight’s Final ‘MAFS’ Dinner Party Ep Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

Tonight’s Married at First Sight dinner party may have lacked the one ingredient we all crave (Charlene screaming insults across the table at Dean) but it did give us an ‘honesty box’ which unlocked some tasty drama.

We are down to five couples and as they came together for the final dinner party, the experts decided to liven it up with a box of probing questions they were all forced to answer.

All the couples seemed to have different kinds of breakdowns and who knows who will stay together on Sunday NIGHT’S vowel renewal. But what we did learn is that John REALLY doesn’t want to leave Altona and Sarah REALLY doesn’t want Telv to leave her sight EVER.

The ep ended with everyone making up, and tbh it all appears to be the calm before the storm, as next weeks eps look INSANELY EPIC and Twitter is froffing.

Check out next week’s hype inducing teaser + all tonight’s best tweets below (including the reactions to the juicy teaser):

Here’s tonight’s final MAFS dinner party retold through its funniest tweets:

The ep kicked off with the gang getting together around a set of honesty boxes.

John doesn’t want to drive an hour to visit Melissa so they’re prob over. Which is fine.

Sarah and Telv fought because Telv said he won’t immediately move to Melbourne and into Sarah’s house the second the series ends.

Troy had to cop some curly questions from Ashley.

Tracey told Dean she only stayed with him out of spite and we all applauded her.

Tbh, we’re ready to forget this week ‘cos next week’s finale drama looks SO FUCKING SICK!

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