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Tonight’s ‘Keira Rampage’ Ep Summarised In 10 Funny AF Tweets

We are up to night three of Bachelor In Paradise’s extra loooooong week of eps, and tonight was a bit of a dud.

Simone and Elora arrived and that Megan/Elora love story we all froffed for turned out to be a massive load of nothing. American fella Grant got too big for his boots, having a go at our no. 1 gurl Keira.

Does he know who she is?!

Keira was NOT having it, and stomped around the island grounds, which wasn’t entirely convincing while wearing a train conductor’s cap.

Our ultimate fave Laurina spent most of the ep napping, before she was forced to actually go on a DATE with a MAN. She said: NAH M8. Unfortch, it looks like our island kween Lenora Laurina has up and left paradise and will be sorely missed.

Here’s ep 7 of Bachelor In Paradise summarised in 10 hilarious tweets:

1. Elora arrived and hopes were high that her and Megan would get together.

2. But alas, it was ALL LIES.

3. No one can find Laurina, cos she’s living her best island lyfe solo.

4. Jarrod is still banging on about Keira/women/etc.

5. The guy definitely has A TYPE.

6. Which thankfully matches the varying colours of his sunburnt face.

7. The dance game between the ladies was not strong.

8. Keira got dramatic with Grant and chucked a massive tantrum.

9. Meanwhile Laurina is having a delightful vacay.

10. Eventually Laurina got handed a pesky date card, so she decided to leave the show.

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