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Tonight’s Batshit Insane ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Ep Summarised In 10 Hilarious Tweets

Tonight’s unhealthy dose of Bachelor In Paradise was A LOT to digest.

It kicked off with a weird AF date between Simone and Jarrod, where simulating getting a BJ appeared to be Fiji’s answer to downward dog. Then we had to endure more of the will they/won’t they/do we care rubbish between Jarrod and Keira.

The tastiest drama was saved for the rose ceremony, as Luke and Lisa had a big blow-up and Michael slid in to pick up the pieces.

As if it all couldn’t get messier, then Eden and Nina exchanged heated words, resulting in the rose ceremony being a garbage fire of broken hearts and Nina going home.

Here’s ep 8 of Bachelor In Paradise summarised in 10 hilarious tweets:

1. Keira broke up with Jarrod, again…we think.

2. Jarrod and Simone’s date was disturbing AF.

3. Pray for that tiny umbrella jammed behind Jarrod’s ear.

4. But he still won’t stop talking about Keira.

5. Lisa and Luke had their first fight, thanks to Megan.

6. Then Michael gave Lisa a rose at the ceremony.


8. Nina was also left roseless, as Luke saved Keira.

9. Keira broke into tears.

10. The entire situation was just a massive mess aka A+ viewing.

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