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WTAF: Tonight’s Bonkers ‘Hometown’ Bachy Ep Retold Via Its Most Hilarious Tweets

Four became three on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette as Charlie really out-Charlied himself and sorta self-imploded. It was just the best.

Ali travelled to the fellas’ hometowns but didn’t meet all of their fams as a couple of the guys didn’t seem to grasp what the episode was supposed to be about. Thankfully both Todd and Taite continued to be normal humans. I wonder WHO will be in the top two?! Mystery!

Let’s revisit the whole thing through the hometown ep’s most hilarious tweets, shall we?

Todd was first up and his hometown visit was as wonderful as you could imagine.

His sister was a tad intense tho. Jesus!

Ali headed south to Ballarat as Taite introduced her to his fam. It was uneventful.

Following that love-fest, Ali visited Bill and it was all kinds of awks.

Bill’s “friend” was drilling Ali with questions and probs needs to chill.

Finally, Charlie fucked up the entire Bachy format by refusing to introduce Ali to his fam, instead serving her an ultimatum.

Ali rightly told Charlie it was a “cop-out’ and sent him on his way. YAAAS QUEEN!