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LMAO: Tonight’s MAFS ‘Home Stay’ Episode Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

Following last night’s ep of Married at First Sight, it was tough to predict how the dynamic of the series would change after Davina finally set Ryan free. So what was the first ep without Davina and Ryan like? Tbh, pretty fucking dull.

Blair and Sean ended their relationship, as we all scratched our heads wondering who these people were. Seriously?!? Ashley was informed by her sister that she has never said/done a nice thing for Troy, so in an effort to rectify this took him to Sea World (which was clearly sponsored and arranged by the producers), to appease the 12-year-old child he is inside.

Most of the action came from Dean meeting Tracey’s friends and getting grilled to death. It was THE BEST. Tracey m8s are a bunch of bosses and watching Dean have to face the consequences of his shitty actions made my insides sing aloud a chorus of ‘Hallelujah!’.

As the home stays were pretty uneventful, thankfully the Twitter commentary was a lot more entertaining than the ep itself.

Tonight’s ep of Married at First Sight retold through its funniest tweets:

After getting fuck all screen time Blair and Sean are officially dunzo. We barely knew thee.

Ashley took Troy to Sea World to swim with dolphins and he froffed it.

Then Troy decided he was moving in.

Nasser was a nightmare during Gabrielle’s home stay, acting like a total drama kween.

Dean had to convince Tracey’s m8s that he wasn’t a complete knob but wasn’t owning up to shit.

I guess he’s in…