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Last Night’s Bonkers ‘MAFS’ Dinner Party Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

DING, DING, DING! MAFS Dinner party ep coming at ya fast, fam.

While tonight’s ep didn’t reach the dramatic heights of previous weeks (#BringBackDavina) we did get served up some tasty drama between Dean and Telv, some not-so-appetising behaviour from Nasser….and errr more rapping from Tracey and Dean (pls make it stahp).


We are all feeling for Gabby at this point, as Nasser continues to put the ‘D’ in douchbag by stringing her along, not owning up to his obvious nasty behaviour, and tbh she needs to kick that dude to the curb.

On the opposite end of the scale we have Sarah and Telv, who just seem to be absolutely head over heels in love with each other, validating the entire series and our dangerous obsession for watching it. Huzzah!

With plenty of tea being spilt over dinner, Twitter went into overdrive with hilarious results.

Here’s tonight’s MAFS dinner party retold through its funniest tweets:

Sarah announced to the entire dinner party that her and Telv finally banged. Which is totally normal.

Troy had an identity crisis when he came underdressed to the party.

Dean and Tracey rapped for the whole table and it was physically painful to witness.

Nasser was a total knob and we all agreed Gabby deserves better.

The horror…

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