Everyone Has Strong Feelings About ‘Seedless Avocados’ Because This Is Dumb

So you’ve probably heard the news that “Seedless avocados are finally here to save you from cutting open your hand!” Thank fuck we are finally rescued from that “dangerous knife work”!!!

Honestly, I know scientists waste time and money on some useless shit here and there but this really takes the cake. In a not so unexpected turn of events, everyone finds the seedless avo invention decidedly dumb. This just wasn’t necessary for the progress of mankind.

Reports have referenced “the scourge of ‘avocado hand’ that has been plaguing Great Britain” but people are not here for changing the fruit when the people are clearly the problem. Teach people how to use knives, don’t come for our perfect avocados.

The new seedless “cocktail avocados” have been met with suspicion and a general nope. One look at the Twitter responses spells it out very clearly: we don’t want this.

Financially, this just seems wasteful

Blame the people

Suspicion and hyperbole is rife

Seems like a step in the wrong direction tbh

People are mad

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