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These Ex 2017 Bachy Lasses Are Keen To Join ‘Bachelor In Paradise Australia’

Last week we were rocked by the amazing news that a bachy spin-off series, Bachelor In Paradise Australia, was on its way. The only thing left to wonder is which ex-bachys will be plucked out to star in it?

Already two of the 2017 Bachelor ladies have said they’re keen, including our gurl Tara Pavlovic.

“I would definitely consider it if I was asked,” Tara told TV WEEK.

The bachy GOAT said she hopes the Aussie version of BIP will be a little less crude than the US series

“The clips I’ve seen look pretty tacky,” she said. “I hope the Aussie version is more tasteful.”

Don’t hold your breath, love. The initiated will know that tacky and cheesy is what BIP is all about.

Tara even threw a few more names forward for who else she reckons could join her.

“Nat, Sian and Steph would keep me laughing and we’d have the best time,” she said.

At the same time, series fave-turned-villain Elora Murger also wants in on the fun, telling the magazine she’d love a spot on the show.

She’s even elected some man meat she’d like to join her. She said she hopes Sophie Monk’s George Clooney lookalike (not really, tho) Luke McLeod gets picked.

“I think Luke would be a great match,” she said. “We seem to share similar perspectives on life.”

The Tahitian babe also said she has her eyes on Georgia Love’s former bachys Courtney Dober and Jake Ellis. Even saying that she found Courtney “fun, happy and cute,” and reckons Jake is “sexy”. She’s ready to be single and mingle, that’s for sure.

But she also hopes Keira Maguire shows up to stir up the drama.

“Keira is a good villain – she’s real. Not evil,” Elora said. “She’d be the best.”

We can only guess what kween Keira would think of the lot of them.

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