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Facebook’s Game-Changing New Feature Lets Ya Read Msgs Without Showing ‘Seen’

Facebook has just made lurking like a total creeper 100 percent easier, by allowing users to be able to read messages without showing the other person the message has been ‘seen’.

The dreaded ‘seen’ feature of FB Messenger has come to haunt us all. Can’t we keep anything to ourselves anymore?!

From trying to avoid unwanted messages or just wanting to play aloof with a guy/girl you’re seeing, that pesky ‘seen’ feature can really stuff up your social media game.

This legit sounds too good to be true.

The change comes as part of a measure to combat harassment and bullying, as the platform introduces a new range of tools to prevent unwanted friend requests and messages.

It just so happens that one of these updates includes a feature to disable notifications from certain senders. This moves your thread into a filtered messages folder, where you can read the updated convo without showing that you’ve ‘seen’ it.


At the moment this is only available for one-on-one messages, but Facebook says this will extend to group chats in the near future.

So y’all can avoid being this guy…

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