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Facebook Have Released The Most Discussed Topics Aussies Cared About In 2017

Today Facebook are here to help us open up old wounds and remind us of all the stuff we cared about in 2017. Yup, it’s hard to believe this year is already wrapping up with a little over three full weeks left until 2018.

With 15 million Aussies sharing basically their whole lives through the social media platform, it’s a pretty powerful tool for collecting data – both the good and the ugly. Throughout the year, we flocked to FB to connect and share our thoughts on key moments of sport, entertainment, politics and tragedy.

This year, International Women’s Day was the most talked about topic on the platform, with conversation driven by the Women’s March, which ranked in the top ten global list, as well as the #MeToo movement. Surprisingly, the Melbourne Cup took out second place, behind discussion around the government’s shitty Marriage Equality postal plebiscite.

Here Are Australia’s Most Talked-About Topics On Facebook In 2017

1. International Women’s Day

2018 was a big year for conversations by and about women, with International Women’s Day leading the charge. Notable events included:

  • International Women’s Day, which kicked off the discussion around women in March, with women sharing tributes and participating in live conversations about the importance of the day to them and the community
  • The Woman’s March, which made it to the top ten global list
  • The #MeToo campaign, which had 4.7 milllion mentions within the first twenty hours

2. The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup stopped the nation and nothched up the second most discussed topic this year. According to Facebook, this included pics of everyone frocking up and sharing their outfits or antics on the day. Alternatively, discussion was also driven by the impact of the race on the health of the horses involved.

3. Same-sex marriage decision

We all cared deeply about the super shit postal vote that divided the country and naturally people jumped on Facebook to share their thoughts, support and debate. Interestingly this issue was 11th in 2016 and with the postal survey, High Court challenge, and ultimately the decision handed down, it has risen to third.

4. Qantas

Our national carrier Qantas had a big year, with some significant announcements that included the Dreamliner touching down and their naming competition. Additionally, the company’s opinion on the same-sex marriage debate resulted in it becoming an often-cited example around the role of corporate Australia on political issues.

5. Chris Cornell’s Death

The sad passing of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell was a reminder of the impact music has on our lives, with many Aussies sharing not just their shock and sadness when they learned of his passing, but also their favourite song.

6. Attorney General George Brandis

Attorney General and Leader of the Government in the Senate, George Brandis has been a controversial spokesperson for many of the government’s issues of the day, including religious freedoms, hate speech and immigration. Senator Brandis also made some signature speeches in the senate chamber this year, including one in which Pauline Hanson wore a burka and another around the same-sex marriage debate.

via Buzzfeed

7. Floyd Mayweather Jr./ Conor Mcgregor Boxing Match

The fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor, which was labelled the fight of the century, was also one of the most discussed topics on the platform. Suprised? Nah.

8. Linkin Park/Chester Bennington’s death

Similarly, the passing of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington also had an impact on Australians, as many used the platform to mourn the iconic rocker and reflect on his musical contribution.

9. Roger Federer

Tennis player Roger Federer had a huge year, with two Grand Slam titles, including the local Australian Open, and a huge rise in the ATP ranking.

10. Manchester Attack

Finally, following the Manchester terrorist attacks many in Australia and globally came together on Facebook. One Love Manchester, the concert by Ariana Grande, went viral with videos from the concert having 80 million views.

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