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45 Questions I Have After Watching Netflix Rom-Com ‘Falling Inn Love’

If you’re looking for something wholesome to watch this week then look no further than Netflix’s latest rom-com Falling Inn Love.

The film follows San Francisco local Gabriela (aka ex pop star Christina Milian), who has a bad breakup and loses her job before finding out she won an inn in New Zealand. She, of course, uproots her whole life to move there and yes, there’s a hot man waiting for her.

It’s just a delightful little movie.

We all know these films follow a certain formula and Falling Inn Love ticks every damn box. Charming lead? Tick. Brooding love interest? Tick. Stunning location? Tick. A host of quirky and loveable side characters? Tick, tick, tick.

Falling Inn Love is just a wonderfully easy watch for when you don’t want to overthink too much. But saying that, I was left with the following questions and I can’t stop thinking about them.

45 questions I had while watching Falling Inn Love:

#1. Does this guy just wait holding Gabriela’s cup of coffee every single morning?

falling inn love netflix

#2. Did the guy who walked into her meeting telling a group of dude bros, “I’m not paying those taxes!” eventually go to jail?

#3. Why doesn’t Gabriela check Slack before getting in so early to set up a cancelled meeting?

That’s on you, boo.

#4. Is it normal in a relationship to design your partner a wardrobe in order to trick them into moving in?

falling inn love netflix

#5. Could her boyfriend saying that home renovations fuck up relationships be any more accurate?

#6. Is this the smallest yoga studio on earth? There’s like seven people in the class?!

#7. Aren’t yoga teachers more zen than this?

falling inn love netflix

#8. Is breaking up with your boyfriend just because they won’t move in immediately an unhealthy way to approach the relationship?

#9. Gabriela needs to work on her fake crying, huh?

#10. Was the website for the contest made in 1998?

falling inn love netflix

#11. Did anyone proofread the ‘How To Enter’ instructions?

They’re a hot mess.

#12. Has Gabriela actually gone through two bottles of wine already? (I’m impressed.)

#13. How did someone who typed a response after drinking two bottles of wine even write a coherent sentence, let alone win?

#14. Umm. How quickly can I quit my job and start my new life in New Zealand?

falling inn love netflix

#15. Gabriela almost causes a car accident by standing in the middle of the road, so why does she only care about her damn shoes?

#16. Umm, so Jake is clearly Australian and not Kiwi. Why you playin?

falling inn love netflix

Keep telling yourself that, sweetie.

#17. At the cafe, the owner asks if she’s “just off the bus”, with Gabriela replying “Is it that obvious?” Could it be because you are carrying a huge fucking suitcase, eh?

#18. How long has that goat been stuck in a cupboard?!? I’m calling the RSPCA.

falling inn love netflix

#19. Why does this Charlotte woman dress like she usually carries a watermelon in Dirty Dancing?

#20. Whose car did Gabriela just jump into? Do all inns come with a complimentary car?

#21. Do people actually talk like this?

falling inn love netflix

#22. Is it weird that I care more about Norm’s happiness than any of the other characters combined?

#23. But how has someone called Norman never been called Norm?

This is from the same people who abbreviate cousin to “cuz”.

#24. Did the goat just say “Oh”?

falling inn love netflix

#25. Are we supposed to be impressed that Jake won’t let Gabriela order her own dinner?

Excuse me. Let the girl have her salad.

#26. Why are all the locals acting like Gabriela has the ebola virus when she just has a basic cold?

Relax, fam.

#27. Is this guy okay?

Does he think the doll is his human baby?

falling inn love netflix

#28. Did Gabriela just give Charlotte $20 for a single measly raffle ticket?

No wonder she’s broke, she makes bad choices.

#29. What would Jacinda Ardern do if she heard Gabriela’s weak attempt at saying “Sweet as”?

#30. What are those onions doing UNDER the sausage?

Get it together, NZ.

falling inn love netflix

#31. Are there really no snakes in New Zealand? I am shook.

After some quick googling it turns out this is correct.

#32. Why is this goat such a cock-block?

#33. Is this the cringiest scene in the history of cinema?

You could say she really… dipped it low. (heheh)

#34. Why do I feel personally seen by Jake saying he likes “fixing broken things”?

#35. Does Gabriela actually think New Zealand has sharks swimming in puddles? Does she get how the ocean works?

falling inn love netflix

I’m just going to lean into this dumb bitch energy Gabriela is serving up.

#36. Why are they reading letters and all of a sudden the film has turned into Outlander? Where’s Jamie at?!

#37. Do Kiwis honestly call eskies a chilly bin? I thought that was just what I called myself during winter?

#38. Can I actually donate to Habitats for Hobbits?

I’m sold.

#39. How does this Melbourne real estate buyer know the inn is “perfect” before stepping a foot inside the actual place?

What a talent.

#40. Why bother getting this goat in the shot when the way the camera is pointing means it doesn’t fit in the frame?

falling inn love netflix


#41. Honestly, who wants to stay in a hotel without a TV?

Just the thought of it makes me queasy.

#42. Did Gabriela actually just break up with her boyfriend by saying he needs to “check out permanently” tho?

This movie gives me life AND solid relationship advice.

falling inn love netflix

#43. Is the scene where a man is almost killed in a fire actually necessary?

#44. I guess Gabriela and Jake are giving it a shot at running the inn together but, like, could they also just go on second date?

#45. Finally, are we getting a Falling Inn Love sequel dedicated to the goat finding love? I have questions!!

falling inn love netflix

The goat really needs to get the attention it craves. I can’t help but stan.