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This ‘Farm Museum’ Started Making Fire Memes And Everyone’s Going Crazy For Their Thiccboi Livestock Content

The viral attention that the UK’s ‘Museum of English Rural Life’ has received on Twitter since it shook up its social media presence and started making thicc memes just goes to show you how valuable it is to hire funny people. Also memes. Memes are important.

Our latest and greatest meme lord is the legend who has been put in charge of the museum’s social media activity. While a museum and archive devoted to the rich history of farming in the English countryside may not immediately seem like the kind of crowd who are across meme culture, that assumption has been proved very wrong.

The museum’s Twitter account has gone viral after they started posting some wonderful thiccboi content in relation to the very large farm animals in their archives. Like this:

And THIS big boi. Man oh MAN did the audience love THIS big boi.

Realising they had tapped into a thirsty market for thicc animal content, the museum account leaned right in, even renaming their account to ‘The Museum of English Rural Units’.

The meme content has been a delight

And MERL has even offered to use their expertise to rate any units you might need evaluated.

The genius behind the content is 27-year-old digital project manager Adam Koszary. It’s good to hear that the museum’s new strategy has been as much a hit with his boss as with the public.

The viral popularity is kinda tricky to explain to the big bosses apparently.

MERL is now ready to bless other museums with their tips and tricks on How 2 Go Viral because they are generous souls.

Sign us THE FUCK up.

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