fear street netflix 1994 trailer

This Trailer For Netflix’s R.L. Stine Horror Movie Trilogy ‘Fear Street’ Is Here & It’s Terrifying

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I hope you don’t plan on sleeping much through July, because Netflix is about to drop a horror movie trilogy that looks like it’s been inspired by your darkest nightmares.

The streaming platform will drop three different Fear Street films across three weeks, so there is literally no reprieve. The movies are an adaption of the popular R.L. Stine books of the same name, so you know that plenty of ooks and spooks will be delivered.

The trilogy will be divided into three different years, starting with 1994, then going back to 1978, before ending way back in 1666. The first movie will kick off with a group of teens in 1994 who uncover an ancient evil presence that has haunted their town for generations, leading to countless murders. The second movie will be set in a summer camp in 1978, so you just know things are going to get terrifying. The first two movies represent an iconic era in horror films — ’90s slashers and the golden age of horror in the ’70s — while 1666 is the final instalment that will reveal the origin of the town’s curse.

The first Fear Street instalment Part One: 1994 drops on July 2, with the following films streaming the following two weeks.

Watch the trailer for the Fear Street trilogy below: