Felix From ‘The Bachelors’ Might Be The Biggest F*ckboi Bachy Ever

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It’s a big call to deem someone the biggest Bachelor fuckboi.

Gosh, where do you start? Blake Garvey dumped the woman he proposed to, to date his second runner-up. Locky Gilbert professed his love to BOTH his finalists. The Honey Badger said “thanks for sharing” after dumping two beautiful women at the end of his season.

The competition to be the Biggest Bachy Fuckboi is a tight one.

Last week, we said Jed was a walking red flag after his behaviour in episode one. I’m woman enough to admit when I’m wrong. While his behaviour was still unacceptable, is he the biggest red flag on our screens right now? The answer is, quite simply, no.

After Jed chucked a tanty in episode one and then mellowed out, Felix Von Hofe swooped in to say “hold my beer”. And since that moment, Felix has proven one thing: he is undoubtedly, a huge fuckboi.

Let’s recap his journey thus far, shall we?

In one week of The Bachelors being on air, here are all the times Felix has proved he’s a huge fuckboi.

1. He has continuously kissed other women in front of his other dates, even though he knows that annoys them.

OK, the main culprit is Tilly, but after Felix first pashed her at the cocktail party, he then followed up his self-confessed bad behaviour by repeating his public kissing actions with someone else at the Bachelor pool party. Then came Tilly again at the Bachelor BBQ.

While getting to know people intimately is part of the whole Bachelor experience, Felix has proven time and time again he doesn’t care about the feelings of the other women and isn’t giving everyone equal treatment. Somehow Jed and Thomas don’t seem to be struggling as much to keep it in their pants, so Felix’s reasoning and justifications don’t really align with the Bachelor journey. Which leads us to…

2. When his girlfriends brought up the fact he kept kissing Tilly and it was disrespectful, he said he felt like they weren’t trying to understand things from ‘his perspective’.

After saying himself the PDA had to be toned down, he simply decided… to do the opposite of that. Krystal and many of the other girls from Felix’s pool were pretty pissed off, and Krystal addressed Felix directly about being more respectful.

“The unfortunate nature is, you’re dating multiple women at one time,” Felix began. When one of the girls said it was more an issue about spreading his attention more evenly, he said, “What, kiss everyone?”

“I’m not going to hold things back with someone in this setting,” Felix told his ladies. “I’m just going to be quite blunt here. This is a very difficult situation for me to be in. But if you are actively seeking to find us in a private situation, that’s the unfortunate nature of it.”

3. He gave Jessica his own wifey edit before getting to know her, then was pissy about her open relationship because it didn’t line up to the view he had of her in his head.

@tahliapritch Very funny stance from someone happily dating numerous women at once #thebachelors #thebachelor #thebachelorau #polyamory #enm #openrelationships ♬ original sound – Tahlia Pritchard

While he’s taken strides to accept her non-monogamy in the latest episode (even, in fact, using her situation as an example of why the other women shouldn’t be pissed off with him for kissing other ladies), he was first questioning her because he had decided early on he really liked her and she fit the “white picket fence” vibe he was after coming on the show.

Felix made this assumption about Jessica being perfect ‘wifey’ material before even getting to know her, which not only highlights his superficial nature but also shows the danger of just assuming people will fit in a nice little box you’ve created for them.

4. He uses terms like “in the doghouse” instead of taking responsibility for any of his actions.

When the ladies confronted him about his actions of kissing Tilly in a public setting.. again… he asked if he was “in the doghouse”. He had already used the term when talking to Jed and Thomas about his actions with Tilly at a cocktail party.

By using it, he’s acknowledging his wrongdoing but not actually taking any accountability for it — almost like he’s a victim in the whole situation, not the leading man who can actively make a choice to ensure everyone is feeling as comfortable as they can in the situation.

5. He basically admitted his aim for the Wet’n’Wild date was seeing his dates in their bikinis.

Felix The Bachelors

While Wet’n’Wild would be a funner date than Thomas’ eye-gazing one, we all know Felix’s intentions aren’t exactly pure.

6. He did… this thing with his tongue.

I am… traumatised.

7. And his only way of being flirty is by being really horny and/or creepy.

felix the bachelors

Are we going to get one deep thought or genuine moment out of this guy this season? Considering he seems about as shallow as a teaspoon, I doubt it.

The Bachelors returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10play.