It Turns Out Finn Wolfhard From Stranger Things Is A Badass Musician

It turns out the young Finn Wolfhard is way more talented than we first thought, not only a Hollywood prodigy, but also tearing it up in a grunge band on his time off set.

The talented young dude is only 14 and has already scored legions of fans for his starring roles in ‘Stranger Things’ and recent horror movie ‘It’. On the side, he lends his raw vocals as the frontman of his grunge rock group Calpurnia. It turns out he’s pretty awesome on guitar too.

Fin creates a bunch of covers on his YouTube channel, which includes this sweet take on ‘Wanted You’ by Chicago band Twin Peaks.

Fair to say the band we’re pretty chuffed with his take on their track, tweeting out their praise, saying “big love Finn, can’t wait to actually meet ya dude.”



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