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People Are Sharing The First Meme They Remember & Damn It’ll Make You Feel Old

It’s hard to think of a time where memes weren’t a part of our daily lives and frankly that’s a nightmare I don’t even want to imagine.

But we only have to cast our minds back a decade ago and memes were not quite as common and inescapable as they are now. Instead they often came in the form of a viral video we all collectively shared and became obsessed with.

Twitter user Ella Mielniczenko asked her followers to share their first encounter with a viral video, post or photo (aka meme).

The replies were a major throwback.

Here are some of the best throwback memes that’ll make you feel about 100 years old.

#1. The sassy penguin

#2. ‘Charlie bit my finger’

#3. Star Wars kid video

#4. Fire ze missiles!

#5. Potter Puppet Pals

#6. They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!

#7. Badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom

#8. Numa Numa guy

#9. The Hampsterdance Song

#10. The dancing baby

We asked the entire team for their first viral meme obsessions so here’s a few of our own:

#11. The Gummy Bear Song

#12. SHOES!

#13. Teen Girls Squad



#16. The Crazy Frog Song

Feel old yet?