frozen 2 trailer

We Finally Have Our First Teaser For ‘Frozen 2’ & I’m Sobbing

A whopping six years in the making, we finally have our hands on the first teaser for the sequel to the wildly successful Disney movie Frozen. Yes, Frozen 2 is coming and we’re ridiculously excited.

The short teaser shows our main girl Elsa testing out her powers in the sea and it seems all kinds of tense. Then we’re joined by Anna and Kristoff who appear to be setting off on some kind of ominous quest. I have a lot of questions and this teaser isn’t giving me many answers.

The plot deets we do know is that the sequel will have Elsa and Anna embark on an adventure far away from the kingdom of Arendelle. With the original movie becoming the highest-grossing animated film ever, we have extremely high hopes.

The film will premiere in the U.S on 22 November this year and we can assume on Aussie screens soon after.

Check out the teaser below: