FIVE, S Club & Big Brovaz Are Touring Australia Next Year & All Your ’90s Dreams Just Came True

Everybody get up, because a Poptastic tour has been announced for early-2019 and it’s time to jump straight back into the late ’90s!

Yep, you got it: FIVE have announced an Australian tour for February next year, and joining them are S Club 3, Big Brovaz AND G.R.L.

I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t it used to be S Club 7? Didn’t FIVE used to actually have… well, five members? And G.R.L isn’t even from the ’90s?! Look, tbh none of that matters because there’s always time to indulge in a big, dirty pop sesh.

Not entirely convinced? Let’s take a quick stroll down Nostalgia Lane and revisit a few iconic tracks.

1. FIVE – “When The Lights Go Out”


2. S Club – “Bring It All Back”

3. Big Brovaz – “Nu Flow”

4. G.R.L – “Ugly Heart”

And most importantly, the touring dates are as follows:

Sunday 10th February, Perth – Metro City
Monday 11th February, Adelaide –  The Barton Theatre
Tuesday 12th February, Melbourne – Forum Theatre
Thursday 14th February, Sydney – Big Top 
Saturday 16th February,  Brisbane – (TBA) 


You know you want to. Because baby when the lights go out, they’ll show you what they’re all about.


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