Here’s Where You Should Travel Next Year, Based On Your Favourite Fragrance

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If you, like everyone else, spend most of your iso days dreaming about the places you’re going to jet off to as soon as all this has passed, we’ve got a hot tip. Instead of travelling to see the sights, you should be planning to smell the roses – or whatever other fragrances you love.

Smell is one of our most important senses. Taste? I don’t know her! Sight? Byeee, sis.

Fragrances can change the way we remember a moment and even the way we feel about new experiences. It’s so important that 75 percent of our emotions are generated by smell.

So why wouldn’t we want to travel to places that smell good to us?

Below, we’ve paired some next-level destinations around the world with the iconic scents that they’re known for. Get your post-iso bucket list out and start writing, because this travel inspo is too good to miss.

(And, while we wait patiently for the travel restrictions to lift, we can make our houses smell like these places with the new Botanica by Air Wick home fragrances. Love that for us!)

Here’s where you should travel next, based on your favourite fragrance:

If you love the smell of: calming lavender

You should travel to: France

I mean, a trip to France is always a good idea, but if you’ve been spritzing your house with lavender to help you relax, then it’s basically a no-brainer.

Of course you should make time to see the Eiffel Tower, eat all the cheese you can physically fit into your blessed body, and drop by the Louvre for a peek at the Mona Lisa. But don’t skip out on a trip to Provence.

The region is home to Roman ruins, rosé, sparkling blue waters to rival the Cote d’Azur, and, most importantly, the famous lavender fields of Provence. Visit in summer to see rolling purple fields that smell as relaxing as a long bath feels.

If you love the smell of: freshly picked mint

You should travel to: Morocco

If you love a good mojito or brew peppermint tea every day then, sis, you should go to Morocco.

The plant is so important here that they make a special green tea with it. Maghrebi mint tea is prepared with spearmint leaves and sugar and is served at home as a welcoming gesture whenever guests drop by.

It’s also drunk socially throughout the day, so expect plenty of minty refreshment during your trip. As if a warm and sunny adventure in Morocco’s ancient cities and sweeping desert landscapes wasn’t quite enough to sooth your soul, a fresh brew of mint tea will do the trick.

If you love the smell of: hearty rosemary

You should travel to: Tunisia

Whether you add a fresh sprig to your home cooking or use an essential oil to relieve stress, rosemary is a ride-or-die fragrance for a lot of us.

If you recognise yourself in that sentence, then start planning a post-iso trip to the sun-drenched fields of Tunisia ASAP. It’s the triple threat holiday: sun, sand, and sea. Relax under the sun on a picture-perfect Mediterranean beach, where the water’s warm and the seafood is always fresh.

The capital city, Tunis, has its fill of museums and markets to explore. But it’d be almost criminal not to save some time for wandering outside the big cities. There are simply too many islands, coastal towns, and historical sites to pass up.

If you love the smell of: magnolia blossoms

You should travel to: the Himalayas

While we’re all cooped up inside, it’s hard not to daydream about straight-up vibing in a place with wide, open mountain ranges, crisp-as-hell fresh air, and the kind of jaw-dropping nature Aussie cities wish they could have.

That’s the Himalayas, baby, an unmatched travel destination that’s a must-do for nature lovers.

The Eastern Himalayas, in particular, are known for the lush scent of magnolias, especially the area near Yunnan, a Chinese province where the flower is harvested in small batches to create everybody’s fave essential oils. Not only will you get a serious dose of nature, you’ll remember your holiday every time you walk past a magnolia tree.

This article originally appeared on Junkee.

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