Here’s A Bunch Of Mind-Blowing Facts To Whip Out When You Wanna Impress Your Mates

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When you need to drink it through, a Dare’ll fix it.

While comfortable silences are one of the hallmarks of true friendship, we reckon they’re best filled with intensely interesting facts.

Yep, next time the opportunity presents itself, rev your brain-engine up as far as it’ll go and make sure to let your mates know their minds are about to be blown by your kit of relevant and niche information, helpfully curated right here, with a fact for every situation that life can throw at you.

#1 From New York, to The Tipton, To Riverdale

Next time your friends are having a Netflix binge – featuring some potato chips and the couch – make sure that you fill the 30 seconds between episodes by informing everyone that Cole Sprouse, of Riverdale fame, and his twin brother, Dylan, are not only of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody fame, but they also played Ross Geller’s son Ben in Friends for 10 seasons.

#2 We Have Been Missing Those Strawberry Kisses

You’ve been invited to an early 2000s party (…I may have hosted one of these recently), and you have got your costume all ready – bandanna, tinted sunglasses, low-rider jeans. But have you got a good fact to share with everyone over your Primas and fairy bread? Now you do: Nikki Webster, the darling of the Aussies 2000s, is now THIRTY-ONE YEARS OLD and is MARRIED WITH TWO CHILDREN. WTF.

#3 Life’s Pretty Straight Without ‘Em…

There’s nothing like a throwback snack fact – and this one can be used whenever you’re having an argument about the best childhood treats. Wow your pals with the knowledge that the dark horse of the chips game, Twisties, actually released a bacon flavor in the 1970s – it wasn’t well-received then, but as if that wouldn’t be the best chip flavour now! Bring it back, we say.

#4 There’s More To Life Than Being Really, Really Good At Facts

Okay, so you’re in line at the movies, third-wheeling your couple mates. They get into an argument about whose shout it is (it’s Cheap Tuesday, but whatever), so you decide to jump in and break the tension with a well-timed movie factoid. DID YOU KNOW that Justin Theroux of The Leftovers and former flame of Jen Aniston, WROTE Zoolander 2? Isn’t that just bizarre?

#5 Next Time Someone Comes Back From Europe All Smug

We’ve all got a travelling friend, lord knows. And they’ve all got a great story about this chalet they stayed in, and how they had some hot chocolate or something. Whatever! What you need to do in retaliation is inform them that actually, the Australian Alps get more snow than the Swiss Alps, so there’s that. And that will make you feel better about how you stayed home during the winter months and worked instead of travelling.

And that’s a wrap! Go forth and drop those truth bombs, fam.

When you need to drink it through, a Dare’ll fix it.