The Funniest Tweets About The Marriage Equality Victory

Yesterday’s marriage equality victory was a huuuge win for Australia, even though the process of getting here was a mega shit-show. But at least it’s given us some funny tweets.

After being forced to endure such a supremely ridiculous ordeal, the country is in a mixed up state of excitement, hurt and healing. Especially the LGBTIQ+ community who have been dragged through hell over the last few months.

So in the face of such ridiculousness, some people are doing what Aussies do best: taking the piss. Sometimes having a good laugh can be a nice, cathartic way to deal with such intense fuckery and the whole ‘political process’ is pretty damn easy to make fun of so here we are.

It’s been a rough time for a lot of people and the struggle for equality isn’t over, but if you’re a cope-through-laughter kind of person, please enjoy all the most hilarious reaction tweets to the Australia’s great marriage equality ordeal of 2017.

Let’s kick things off with a gentle roasting of the ABS announcer.

He really embraced the 15 minutes of fame and PR opportunity and took his sweet time getting to the announcement. But in fairness to him, he’s a statistician.

Antony Green chimed in with a lil funny as well:

Finally…Australia said YES!!!! And people tweeted some funny ass shit.

Great lols coming from ‘Aus Gov Just Googled’ Twitter account.

Is this the greatest meme of all time???

It’s funny because it’s true:

lol 69 lololololololololololool

John Johnsonson you a funny guy.

Then came the bakery dramzz

The controversy surrounding the conservative right’s pretty effed up bill somehow got a bit caught up on bakers and their rights to discriminate. Bakers don’t wanna be dragged into your conservative bullshit guys!!!

Bill Shorten is in with the youth #culture and wants us to know he’s on our side!!!

Yesterday was a big day for Australia and we are bloody stoked for the victory. Next time let’s try not to make this such a mess though hey.

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