making a murderer season two tweets

15 Tweets You’ll Connect To On A Deep Level If You Just Binged S2 Of ‘Making A Murderer’

ICYMI, the hotly anticipated second season of Netflix phenomenon Making a Murderer dropped over the weekend and has blown the lid on a bunch of new evidence.

The season covers a lot of ground, dividing its time between the cases of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, and their legal teams’ efforts, namely the work of total bosses Kathleen Zellner and Laura Nirider.

Like any binge-worthy show, the Twitter banter is the best damn bit, so here’s 15 tweets you’ll deeply connect with if you’ve just binged the true crime series.

Steven’s new lawyer Kathleen is a damn BOSS.

Literally, tho.

That fam likes to say ‘yeah’ a bunch, hey.

Srsly, when will it stop?

Ken Kratz truly needs to STFU.

I reckon I could actually solve this case in my sleep tbh.

Steven Avery’s dating life is out of control.

But his fiancé was a snake and I am shook.

Brendan thinking he was getting out has destroyed my mind, body and soul.

Something sounds fishy to me.

But damnit that season felt looooong.