Show Us How Far You’d Go For The Ultimate Adventure & You Could Win It For Realz

Calling all fans of free things and travel!!! This is the perfect intersection of your interests.

You know what’s even sweeter than the bliss of having an epic holiday to look forward to and brag about? Having that epic holiday all set up and paid for by someone else. Free travel is undeniably the sweetest.

Well, remember all those times you’ve ever dramatically shouted, “I’d do anything for a holiday!!!”? Now is your chance to prove yourself. Just show us exactly how far you would go in the name of the ultimate adventure, and you might just win it for you and a mate.

Yep, G Adventures and STA Travel are teaming up to give away a dream trip for two to whoever is game enough, so it’s time to step up.

All you have to do is snap a photo or take a 30-second video that shows how far you’ll go to win the getaway. You want an African Safari? A trek to Machu Picchu? A boat ride through Thailand’s island paradise? Prove it and it’s yours.

Maybe you shave your head or eat a wild concoction of foods (durian with…literally anything?). Whatever it is, you’ll need to explain what the hell you’re doing and why it’s a big deal.

You have until June 29 to prove that you’re ready to step well and truly outside of your comfort zone. Then, STA Travel and G Adventure will take care of the rest.

So get wild, get creative, and get yourself a free vacation, my friends.

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