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Gabby Was A Total Boss On Tonight’s MAFS & Fuck Yeah Get Him Gurl

Tonight’s Married at First Sight episode saw the couples meet with the “marriage experts” in yet another commitment ceremony. While it was mostly smooth sailing for the majority of loved up pairs, Nasser and Gabrielle were another story.

Rather than Gabby electing to leave the experiment (like she did last week), tonight she chose to stay while Nasser voted to exit. The total bad bitch move from Gabby was a successful attempt at forcing Nassar to endure their marriage and remain in the experiment for another week. His shot at a ‘doing a runner’ was shot-down big time and we. are. shook!

This all came after the fitness trainer ranted on about ‘Nasser coming first’, before revealing his card, reading ‘Leave’.

In return, Gabby totally surprised Nasser. “I know that Nasser is very stubborn…but I’m also stubborn,” before serving us up this fire…


While in any other environment this might seem completely insane, on MAFS it’s a total boss stuff.

She explained the decision, saying:

“I vowed to myself that while there was a crack of light, I will stay until there is darkness,”

“I’m not leaving this experiment until I’m ready.”

What a move! Bad luck Donald Duck.

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