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Watch The Moment Kit Harington Found Out About That Final Scene Between Jon & Daenerys

The final season of Game of Thrones was an emotional experience for fans, in good ways and bad. But no matter how hard we felt it, it was nothing compared to the cast and crew.

Behind-the-scenes documentary The Last Watch went to air yesterday, chronicling the making of the final season and revealing what it was like for the people who worked on the show for a decade to say goodbye.

The whole documentary is absolutely worth watching, but perhaps the most devastating moment comes during the read-through of the final episode, when actor Kit Harington discovers it will be Jon Snow who puts a knife through Daenerys’ heart. Turns out it’s not a fun time murdering your aunt/lover, even if it’s all make-believe.

Check out the clip below.

Later in the doco, after filming his final scene, Harington gives an emotional speech about what Game of Thrones meant to him.

“I feel like my heart is breaking,” he says. “I love this show, more than, I think, anything. It has never been a job for me. It’s been my life, and this will always be the greatest thing I’ll ever do and be a part of. And you have been, just, my family. I love you for it, and thanks so much.”

You can watch The Last Watch on Foxtel Now.

This article was originally posted on Junkee.