bella hadid homeboy meme

GEDDIT HOMEBOY: Bella Hadid’s Hella Awks Interview Has Become Your New Fave Meme

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Over the weekend, Bella Hadid did the mother of all cringe-worthy interviews and it’s since gone viral.

The interview for Complex was instantly ridiculed by the internet who are currently ripping it apart because it’s so damn weird.

Firstly, Bella doesn’t know a whole lot about sneaker shopping, but secondly, her repetitive use of the word ‘homeboy’ is just cringe.

Here’s the spectacularly awks interview which has created all this inspo:

Bella gives some real nuggets of wisdom.

For instance, teaching us that wearing a certain shoe is quiet, but if a homeboy wears her fave sneaker “homeboy’s gonna like, get it”. GET IT HOMEGIRL. That bizarre sentence has since inspired countless memes.

Here’s some of our fave responses on Twitter: