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Get Ready To Be Shook, There’s A New ‘Saw’ Movie Coming & Here’s The Release Date

Seven years have passed since the last Saw movie sent audiences into a state of freaked out-dom. But the franchise, which was originally dreamed up by Aussie director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell, is returning in a big way with the upcoming film Jigsaw.

The delayed comeback is the eighth film in the series and was initially to be called Saw: Legacy – but in a tweet posted by the film’s Twitter page, it seems it’ll be given fresh legs as Jigsaw. With a title like that – which was actually the original name for the franchise – we can expect the new flick to be an origin story on the film’s charismatic villain.

While Wan isn’t directing this one, both he and Whannell have writing credits on IMDB, so you can expect it to be equally as fcked up and return to its gruesome roots exhibited in the unrivalled original.

Tobin Bell, who plays serial killer Jigsaw a.k.a John Kramer in the franchise, will make his return and tweeted that the new film will be coming out just in time for Halloween in the US, on 27 October this year.

He wrote in the tweet:

“the sun will rise on a new era”.

Don’t really know what that means? Maybe Jigsaw is taking his victims on a trip to the beach. Lots of palm trees, margaritas etc probably. Or more likely, the upcoming film will relaunch the film series into the modern age of horror where everyone is slowly dismembered and suffers in excruciating misery for cheap thrills. Fun times!

The movie was shot last November and is currently in post-production. Laura Vandervoort and Hannah Anderson have been confirmed by Variety as the first actors attached to the film.

While Jigsaw will open around Halloween in the U.S, the international release is expected in early 2018. Damn it!

Here’s the teaser trailer, which came out last year:

Header via Lionsgate.

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