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A Painstaking GIF Analysis Of Every Second Of The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Trailer

As if we couldn’t be any more jazzed for the incoming The Bachelor spin-off, Bachelor In Paradise, we’ve finally been given a squiz at the first full trailer and OMG, not to overstate things, but… this show is going to change all of our lives forever.

We only had a teeny taste of the what to expect from the earlier teaser — we found out we’d be reuniting with Tara, Keira, Laurina, Apollo, Micheal and Davey — but this new trailer shows the whole damn crew.

New faces include past faves Florence, Lisa and Ali, and we can expect a load of hooking up, tears, fights and even A PROPOSAL. It’s all too much to digest tbh, so we’ve broken it all down for you in GIFs.

Here’s our painstaking analysis of the first full Bachelor In Paradise trailer:

It starts off by reminding us all of the devastation these dating shows will bring to the lives of everyone involved.

The tears keep coming…

And coming…

But a big ol’ WHO CARES. At least all these broken hearts get to mend amongst palm trees.

WAIT. Look who it is… Jarrod and FLO. It’s Florence!

Apollo is back but this time around with 100x more FIRE. Into it.


Tara is crying?!? Who did diss….?

Keira is crying?!….Whooooo did diss???????

Well…Laurina is laughing like a manic evil queen. Problem solved.

People are pashing…people who look suspiciously like Tara and Jake from The Bachelorette season 2. Cuties!

What do we have here…coincidence???



Still thirsty for more? Watch the full trailer here:

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