Ranking The ‘Glee’ Moments That Made Me Want To Turn Off My TV

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There’s a special place in all of our hearts for Glee.

Debuting on our screen in 2009, Glee was incredibly influential on our formative years and for that, we are forever grateful. The show pushed boundaries, the show broke records, the show was the moment. But, there were times when the show was so cooked, we simply felt the urge to switch off the TV. Here’s a ranking of those moments. 

Here Are All The Glee Moments That Made Me Want To Turn Off My TV

#15. Mr. Shue Declaring That Twerking Is The New ‘Waltz’ (Season 5, Episode 5)

When the words, “Have no fear, your twerk-torial is here,” is in the script, perhaps get a new script. And don’t even get me started on the fact that they danced to ‘Blurred Lines’ at the end of this episode. Blurred. Fucking. Lines. Were they trying to make the most fucked episode of all time? Because this is up there.

#14. Will Shuster Performing In A Sombrero (Season 3, Episode 12)

This was some of the most racist shit that ever appeared on Glee. The only reason why it isn’t higher on the list is because one of the characters in the show calls it out. So, at least the show is self-aware?!

#13. Kurt Pretending To Be Straight In Front Of His Dad (Season 1, Episode 18)

As a queer person who acted straight for most of their life, these scenes triggered the absolute shit out of me. 

#12. ‘Superbass’ (Season 4, Episode 16)

Now, this. This was the moment. ‘Superbass’ was the crucial moment that we all collectively realised that Glee had been on TV way past its welcome. 

#11. Sue Marrying Herself (Season 2, Episode 8)

I just… Why?

#10. ‘Baby Got Back’ (Season 4, Episode 11)

I’m just going to leave this here and let you make up your own mind about it. 

#9. Every Time Artie Walked (Multiple Episodes)

Like, why? The character of Artie felt like great representation for those who weren’t able-bodied, but it was undermined every single time Ryan Murphy made this character walk. 

#8. Every Time Mr Shue Rapped With The Glee Club (Multiple Episodes)

Oh my God. I get that Mathew Morrison is a Broadway icon, but let me remind you he became famous from Hairspray not Hamilton. Why are we making this man rap? It’s giving us huge theatre kid auditioning for the role of Arron Burr vibes… 

#7. Finn Telling Quinn’s Parents She’s Pregnant, Via Song (Season 1, Episode 10)

When Glee first came out, it was really trying to find its footing as a camp TV show. But, this moment, this wasn’t camp. This was just stupid. 

#6. Rachel Sending Sunshine To A Crack House Because She Was As Good As Her (Season 2, Episode 1)

Name something that isn’t racist, but feels racist. I’ll start. 

#5. ‘Gangnam Style’ (Season 4, Episode 8)

Name another thing that isn’t racist, but feels racist. I’ll start. 

#4. Artie Wheeling Himself Into A Pool (Season 3, Episode 10)

Fun fact: This performance alone has ruined Rihanna’s massive hit for me and I will never forgive the Glee cast for doing so. 

#3. Brittany Thinking She’s Pregnant Because A Stark Built A Nest On Top Of Her Garage (Season 2, Episode 15)

What – and I can not stress this enough – the fuck. 

#2. ‘What Does The Fox Say?’ (Season 5, Episode 7)

I have no words. I genuinely have no words for this. Everything about this performance feels like it should have never happened. I am disgusted that Ryan Murphy would have even entertained the idea of a Muppets collab, let alone go through with it. Heck, even the cast isn’t proud of this moment

#1. Mr Shue Finding The Line Of What’s Appropriate And Then Crossing It (Every Episode)

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. And as someone who was in high school when Glee first came out, perhaps I was blinded by the blatant inappropriate behaviour that Mr. Shue exhibited while working at Mckinley High. But, as soon as you see it, you can never unsee it. And now, Glee will forever be scared.

Mr Shue should be in jail. Like, he really should. The number of times he danced seductively with students or in front of students. The number of times he was partially naked at school, his thrusting… I can’t.

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