chocolate run out global warming

PSA: Chocolate Will Likely Run Out In The Future & We’re Freaking TFO

Remain calm. Nah, scratch that. Freak the fuck out. Experts are warning that chocolate could become nothing more than a distant memory in the future because of pesky global warming.

To be specific, scientists are saying that chocolate could run out in the next thirty years, as cacao tree crops – where we get those sweet cocoa beans from – become harder to grow in a warming climate.

No more choccy?!? Hell no.

The plants are under threat from diseases and a changing climate, so you can see why we’re all royally fucked.

The gist of the science is that currently two countries, Ivory Coast and Ghana produce more than half the world’s cocoa and are both expected to be badly hit with rising temperatures and droughts. The changing climate sucks moisture from the soil making it impossible to produce the cocao beans.

One expert believes that in the worst-case scenario the world will produce its last useable crop as early as 2050. That’s only 30 years left of choccy goodness ahead of us.

Things are looking grim, fam. Never forget…


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