Meet Your New Googleboxers: Siblings Tim & Leanne Join The Show

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Season 9 of Gogglebox Australia kicks off this week and we’ve finally been introduced to the new cast members.

Siblings Tim and Leanne are joining the Gogglebox fam, and with both hugely passionate about cooking shows, they’ll be sure to add some spice to the show.

Gogglebox Australia Tim and Leanne

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Tim admitted that the two weren’t the most “PC of people” and were huge fans of the show before starting on it.

“We’re really hard to offend and we don’t realise sometimes what we should and shouldn’t be saying,” Leanne said.

Tim and Leanne replace Tom and Wayne, as well as Angie and Yvie who departed Gogglebox after Season 8.

Gogglebox Australia hits our screens again Wednesday, February 6 on Foxtel at 7:30pm, and will also show on Channel 10 on Thursday, February 7 at 8:30pm.