golden gaytime sandwich

Sweet Merciful Zeus, Golden Gaytime Ice-Cream Sangas Are Here To Save 2017

Summer just got a whole lot better because Golden Gaytime Sangas will soon be a reality.

As revealed via their socials, Golden Gaytimes are coming in sandwich form. That’s right, we can soon taste vanilla and toffee ice-cream sandwiched between two soft biscuits with the trademark Gaytime crumbs.

If you’re the type of person who faces the dilemma of choosing between a Maxibon and a Gaytime (AKA everyone always), this is the fusion to answer all your prayers.

Here’s the yummy treat in all its glory:

Here we come Maxibon!!!

A post shared by Golden Gaytime (@goldengaytimeau) on

The Instagram even warns: ‘Here we come Maxibon!!!’ Tbh, I reckon every ice-cream should come in sanga form.

The page says the treats are coming soon, so keep an eye out at your local servo.

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