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The ‘Goosebumps’ Movie Is Officially Coming To Netflix In March

Get ready R.L. Stine fans because Netflix has announced that Goosebumps is coming to our small screens this March.

As of March 6, you can settle in for a night of watching creepy demons, haunted gnomes and ghosts a-plenty as R.L. Stine’s imaginary demons are released into the world.

The movie was officially released in 2015 and stars Jack Black. Dylan Minnette (pre-13 Reasons Why fame) also stars in the movie as a teen trying to help save a town with the help of R.L. Stine, after all the monsters from the Goosebumps series escape their books and wreak havoc.

Watch the trailer below:

And don’t blame us if you never look at gnomes the same again.

Sorry ’bout it.

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FYI, here is the full list of the new releases coming to Netflix this March: