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Every Time Serena Van Der Woodsen Was A Terrible Person On ‘Gossip Girl’

Today we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the first episode of the holy grail of teen dramas, Gossip Girl. The TV show that taught us all that rich white people are dangerously crazy and have an abundance of illegitimate offspring.

The series made household names of its leading ladies Blake Lively and Leighton Meester – the guys in the show, err not so much.

While the best friends/sworn enemies Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf – aka S and B – monopolised the series, let’s get one thing straight: Serena is the worst character in the world.

Serena was the instant golden child of Gossip Girl. She had the wardrobe of every girl’s (and a few boys’) dreams, and the most perfect hair, that only Victoria’s Secret angels could aspire towards.

But if you dive a little deeper, you’ll find she was actually a very bad friend, sister, daughter and human.

Here’s every time Serena van der Woodsen was a terrible person on Gossip Girl:

When she up and left Blair, and oh yeah… cheated with her boyfy.

She was always soooo dramatic, geez S, some people have REAL problems.

She spun out of control, and her bestie Blair (who she treated like trash) had to constantly pick up the pieces.

She treated her mum terribly the entire series and was ungrateful for everything she was born into.

Serena seemed to thrive on stealing the spotlight from Blair, especially when B’s mum was involved.

She never dealt with the consequences of her actions but then would constantly play the victim.

Oh yeah, remember when she killed a dude.

She said these words out loud to another person (her bestie): “I’m just tired of trying to hold myself back so I don’t outshine you.”

Serena had zero talents and flip-flopped from career to career, mostly just copying everything Blair did, like going to Columbia University.

Except that one time she just stumbled her way into a career as a film producer in Hollywood.

She was so gullible, somehow buying the lies of that whole fake cousin Charlie Rhodes/Ivy Dickens saga.

Serena literally tried to destroy Blair’s lifelong ambition of getting into Yale, by stealing her application answer. She is pure evil.

She was born into insane privilege, and never understood Dan’s perspective.

Most annoyingly, she thought the entire world revolved around her and her drama.

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