CATCH ‘EM ALL: Pokémon GO Is Live, Aussies Can Catch Hundreds Of Pokémon IRL Right Now

Attention all trainers: Start catching Pokémon.

Pokémon GO – Nintendo’s first augmented reality game for mobiles – is live on the Android and iOS stores RIGHT FUCKING NOW for Melburnians and the rest of Australia and New Zealand, with our zone of the globe getting the game first. Woo hoo!

As expected, we’ve all been losing our shit over it. It’s currently the number 1 downloaded app in the country. To make it even more satisfying, the Americans are of course totally jealous that we got it before them.


The App uses your phone’s camera, sensors and GPS to place Pokémon in the real world. As you walk around you’ll get the chance to catch, train and battle all the Pokémon for control of the Pokémon gyms.

There is some bad news for trainers in the US and Japan. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that they’ll have to “wait for a while” for the apps official launch.

Bummer. Should’ve moved to Melbourne where you can catch Pokémon in your back room.

Download it from the Play Store and App store now.