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It’s Official, Grant Is The Biggest Fuckboi On ‘Love Island’ & Viewers Are Fuming

Love Island Australia is finally getting good. Last night’s ep served up a huge game-changer, as Tayla chose Grant at the recoupling ceremony, effectively ruining his relationship with Cassidy. Then the new couple dry humped all over the villa’s bathroom. Love is BEAUTIFUL.

We are all feeling for Cassidy right now. It’s been a tough first week. First, she found out that Tayla was flirting with her match Grant, but Grant chose to stay with Cass. Then Grant continued to gaslight her into thinking they were fine while telling Tayla he was into her. A mess.

In a typical fuckboi move, early in the ep Grant told Cassidy that he didn’t like how she was acting jealous, when duh, she had good reason to be considering Tayla and Grant were plotting to couple up.

And as soon as they did, they both snogged each other’s faces off in the bathroom – it was frankly steamy AF and I hope viewers were wearing protection.

Before the ceremony, Cassidy worked out what was going on and confronted Grant. He continued to play dumb and basically denied that they were over.

Instead, he continued playing the two ladies against each other and leading them both on.

While Tayla is getting a fair chunk of heat for choosing Grant, we’re forgetting that Tayla is single and Grant was encouraging it, all while being dishonest with his OG match Cassidy.

The dude is the very definition of a fuckboi.

Here’s what Twitter has to say about Grant:

Good luck to Grant and Tayla. They’ll probably need it.


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