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The 33 Most Batshit Insane ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Storylines

Can anyone even remember a time before Grey’s Anatomy? Like, I know the first episode aired in 2005 but I can’t actually remember what my life was like before this hot train wreck of a show started.

The medical drama about very attractive doctors performing crazy surgeries and hooking up with all the other very attractive doctors has never been very down to earth.

No one’s comparing it to Chernobyl, but that’s okay. Sometimes all you need is a thirsty television show that has WILD storylines that make zero sense.

Here are 33 of the craziest Grey’s Anatomy storylines:

1. When Izzie banged her ex-fiancé’s ghost.

2. And then her ex-fiancé’s ghost appeared to Meredith when she was drowning.

3. When Meredith drowned and went to the afterlife, but then decided she didn’t want to die and just woke up.

4. All of Meredith’s secret sisters.

5. And the fact that all of her sisters were surgeons too.

6. When Cristina got stabbed by an icicle.

7. When Izzie sabotaged her fiancé’s medical equipment so his condition would get so bad that he’d be pushed to the top of the donor list.

8. It worked, but then he died of a stroke the same day he got a new heart.

9. When Meredith and McDreamy finally got together in season one — and then McDreamy’s wife Addison turned up.

10. And McDreamy’s BFF came too because he was in love with Addison.

11. Meredith and McDreamy give their wedding to Izzie and Alex because Izzie is dying of a brain tumour.

12. But then Izzie survived and she and Alex divorced.

13. When Meredith and George hooked up and the sex was so bad that Meredith cried.

14. And later, when George decided to leave the hospital but was brought back in on the same day as a patient.

15. But he was so badly injured that nobody recognised him until right before he died.

16. Everything about the plane crash that killed Lexie and Mark.

17. And that McDreamy survived falling out of the plane when it was still in the air.

18. Callie and Arizona’s entire court case for custody of their daughter.

19. When Izzie treated an injured deer — even though, you know, veterinarians exist.

20. The time a patient had an MRI, even though she had a metal fork stuck in her neck.

21. When Bailey suddenly had OCD.

22. And then the writers forgot about it a few episodes later.

23. When Cristina and Izzie performed an illegal autopsy.

24. The patient who had an unexploded bomb inside their chest.

25. When Owen’s sister, who’d gone missing ten years ago, came back as a POW.

26. The entire Ava/Rebecca storyline.

27. Every time the doctors ignored a patient’s legal wishes.

29. When the doctors pooled their money to buy the hospital together.

29. When Burke left Cristina at the alter, moved out of the country and married someone else — and then years later gave Cristina his medical research business.

30. Everything about Mark Sloan’s daughter, but especially her name: Sloan Riley.

31. When McDreamy stopped his car in the middle of the road to read a text message and got hit by a truck.

32. And then the accident left him brain dead and Meredith pulled the plug without telling his family.

33. That whole musical episode.