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A Groom’s Disapproving Mum Stole The Show Tonight On MAFS & Twitter Has Feelz

In tonight’s Married At First Sight ep, we met one couple that gave us all love heart eyes while the other was a spectacular train wreck. Now which pair you reckon inspired one of the partner’s parents to go nuclear? The two that look like they belong in a Valentine’s Day ad…BINGO.

Backing up last night’s TV romance, Patrick and Charlene were tonight’s perfect pairing and we’re 99 percent sure their love will last forever (at least by reality standards, which is closer to six months).

However, from the beginning, we got the vibe that Pat’s overbearing mum was going to be a problem. She seemed to hate Charlene from the get-go.

Even worse, for some reason Patty boi – a fully grown human adult – craved the permission of his mother, saying to the camera:

“If mum didn’t approve you could see that emotion on her face straight away.”

Well, she wasn’t hiding her disapproval over Charlene, telling her son “She’s a bit outgoing for you…I think this is a bad idea.” She even said to camera that her son would have to choose between her and his new wife.

It all played out (roughly) like this:

‘Sup ma, what u think of me wifey??? True love and all dat?’

‘Not happening. That’s over.’


‘She’s too loud! What about your ex-girlfriend Janet? She was a mute and only communicated through finger painting?’

‘Well… I thought I liked her. But whatever you say my mum mum mummy!’


The whole exchange was left on a bit of a cliff-hanger. While the mum wasn’t keen on the match, Patrick seems to be going forward with it. But we’ll stay tuned to see if he changes his mind.

Here’s what Twitter users had to say about Patrick’s mum:

Many viewers thought Patrick should make his own calls in his love life.

But some bloody loved her.

The people have spoken.

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