Watch This Guy Cling To The Hood Of His Car As Thief Drives It Down The Highway

We can’t decide if this guy is an epic idiot or an epic badass for clinging to the hood of his car while an alleged thief puts the pedal to the floor down the highway. Either way, the footage is great content.

When you’re speeding down the highway and you see a man starfished out on the hood of a moving car in the lane next to you I’m not sure what you’re meant to think. For the driver that captured that exact situation on film his initial thoughts were basically:

“Look at this fuckin’ idiot.”

Which is a fair.

But old mate who was starfished on the moving vehicle speeding along starts shouting out:

“That bitch stole my car”

Which TOTALLY clears up the situation. Now it makes SO MUCH sense. I mean, if someone steals your car, we’ve all seen enough car chase scenes to know that jumping on board the outside of the vehicle is a surefire way to go. Right?

Tbh I would let my car drive away without me before jumping on top like this guy but props to him for his determination. Hope he got his car back. Check him out:

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