A Harry Potter Fan Reimagined Hedwig’s Storyline & It’ll Warm Your Cold Heart

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Every Harry Potter fan has some unresolved issues about J.K Rowling killing off some of our favourite characters.

One fan recently took matters into their own hands, deciding to rewrite Hedwig’s demise and give everyone the happy ending they all deserved.

Pasting a rewritten version of events in the Deathly Hallows book, this new addition gives Hedwig another chance at life as she flies away from Harry’s bullshit, ready to return when things are a little less dramatic.

Take a look below:

harry potter hedwig

Excuse me, I just need to go remove this huge branch from my eye.

Fans are pretty stoked about the edited version:

And some are calling for alternate endings for all our other faves:

hedwig harry potter

Anyway, BRB, I need to go write a much better ending for Fred.

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