Just A Reminder Of How Terrifying The Harry Potter PS1 Game Was

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In this modern day, video games are filled with amazing graphics and attention to detail, but anyone who grew up in the ’00s remembers it wasn’t always this way.

If you were a Harry Potter nerd and loved a bit of downtime playing the PS1, chances are you spent a lot of time practising spells in the first few Harry Potter games.

I’m talking duelling with Draco, attempting to play Quidditch and battling it out with Lord Voldy, the most terrifying pixelated blob in all the land.

Considering the game was released 18 years ago, it’s safe to say graphics have come A LONG way since then. But we’re not here to appreciate the modern day game.

We’re simply here to remind you how utterly fucked up the original Harry Potter game was.

First things first, Hagrid, U OK????

Image result for Hagrid Playstation one harry potter

But also, why does PS1 Hagrid look like me after too many happy hour wines on a Friday night?

Hogwarts is full of secrets, like what the fuck happened to everyone’s faces?

harry potter playstation one

Press the square please, I am terrified!

Then there’s dipshit Harry who just has to run around in a full circle before he can reach the staircase.

We honestly had the patience of saints playing this game back in the day.

Next, let’s talk about the Weasley twins and also the fact they look like they got the Regina George treatment and got smashed by a bus.

harry potter playstation one

I’m not even going to question the lack of distinction between their heads and necks while Harry’s huge head protrudes out.

But also, this is absolutely me eavesdropping on dramatic conversations on the train while pretending I’m not paying attention.

harry potter playstation one

Now we’ve got our bad boi Draco, pretty much blending into his settings.

harry potter playstation one

What would father have to say about this?!

But speaking of Slytherins, we may never, ever understand the message this dude was trying to get across to us.

harry potter playstation one

TFW you do one workout and convince yourself you’re absolutely shredded.

And then there’s the fact Neville can’t actually show how scared he is here, because his face has been frozen like this until the end of time.

harry potter playstation one

Pour one out for Neville and his missing facial features.

But what we can decipher is that even in the darkest of times, this game was relatable AF.

Tag yourself, this sleeping round blob is absolutely ME.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna smash that muthafucking button to see if I too, can power up for energy like pixelated Voldy.

harry potter playstation one