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We Ranked Harry Styles Best ‘Hairy Styles’ From Cute To Majestic Glory

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Not since Cady Heron told Aaron Samuels that his “hair looks sexy pushed back,” in Mean Girls has the obsession with a man’s perfect hair been such a cultural phenomenon. Harry Styles’ ever-evolving hairstyles have become this decades obsession.

We’ve seen it all. From his 1D baby curls, his sweeping mane while the group transitioned from prepubescent teens and into international heartthrobs, to the even more styled looks throughout his solo ventures. Harry’s hair game is nek level (only to be rivalled by Osher’s – obvy).

So we felt it necessary to sit down and map out the ‘Sweet Creature’ singer’s hairy-styles over the years, to decide once and for all, what hairstyle Harry rocked best. No one asked for this but you are welcome.

Here are Harry Styles best ‘hairy styles’ from worst to best

2o. Dunkirk Harry

Good movie. Bad hair.

19. Flat Hair Harry

What is this filth.

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18. Baby Harry

This is lil Hazza in his teens, when he first auditioned for X-Factor. Cute but his hair has gotten much better.

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17. Braided Harry

This is the bad place.

16. Teen Wolf Harry

Sorry Harry, but this hair is TOO MUCH. Even for you.

15. Holiday Hair Harry

Sunnies are wrecking his whole looks tbh.

14. Sleek Bun Harry

I don’t hate this but he also looks like a sleazy creep that plays a saxophone.

13. Headband Harry

What a mess.

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12. Messy Hair Harry

Now we’re cooking!

11. Fabio Harry

It’s long, it’s wavy, it’s beautiful.

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10. Ponytail Harry

Giddy up.

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9. Shoulder-Length Harry

Perfect length imho.

8. Wispy Ethereal Harry

This is a dream.

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7. Bandana Bae Harry

Harry loves a bandana and we love Harry in a bandana.

6. Short Styled Harry

This is art.

5. Hatted Up Harry

Gotta love him in a good wide brim.

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4. Halfie Up Harry

This is might be controversial but it’s just the cutest.

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3. Untamed Mane Harry

He looks like a sexy lion and I need to join his pride.

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2. Mid-Length Curly Harry

This is the Harry hair we know and love.

1. Curly Volume Harry

This is my Everest. I must climb it.